Not grim, quite rainy and very snowy up North – JVN visits Manchester

Although it often seems like the world starts and finishes in London – and North London at that! – in fact JVN is passionate about supporting volunteering across the UK’s Jewish community.

Building on ideas from previous volunteering forums to establish regional networks to support local charities, volunteers and communities, JVN made two major visits toManchester, the UK’s second largest Jewish city after London over the last month. 

JVN meets Manchester J-Soc President, Social Action Officer and students

JVN meets Manchester J-Soc President, Social Action Officer and students

We really experienced all that Manchester could throw at us in terms of weather – from snowy blizzards and driving rain through to wind and a small sprinkle of Spring sunshine – and, similarly we got to see the huge variety of volunteering the city has to offer.   And what a lot to offer.

We met people of all ages and across the religious spectrum in two action-packed days, including students from Manchester J-Soc, young professionals participating in the UJIA Leadership development programme, The Fed, JLGB, Interlink, Manchester Jewish Rep Council, Morris Feinmann Home and Greater Manchester’s overall voluntary sector body GMCVO.

But despite the robust health of the community, as Juliet Pearce, Director of Volunteering at The Fed, Manchester’s largest social care charity, noted: there is still a huge need for more volunteers, both from the student community and a wider group of individuals and the need to provide them with fantastic, specific volunteering opportunities.  The J-Soc students in particular were really interested in having opportunities that were interesting, flexible and could help them in their future careers.

JVN meets Representatives from Manchester's diverse community

JVN meets Representatives from Manchester's diverse community

So it was great to hear that one idea that particularly appealed to The Fed and to Interlink, the hard-working organisation which serves the Charedi community, was establishing formal Internships in charities in the region.  JVN is hugely supportive of well-designed internships, with loads featured on our site, and there are so many great young people in the city – both local and at the university who could benefit from training and experience in the voluntary sector.  

By the end of our second trip, the weather had really turned our way with the sun and our connections with the Manchester Jewish Rep Council really warming up. Lucille Cohen, its Chair had finalised the details with her colleagues and the regional newspaper, the Jewish Telegraph, for JVN to co-partner Manchester’s Annual Volunteer Awards – which we are hugely excited about.  These awards honour those young and old who have made significant contributions to volunteering in the Manchester community.  So, if you’re based in Manchester, look out in the JT for the forthcoming nomination forms and make sure you nominate volunteers – and make sure you register on the JVN website, more regional organisations are signing up with opportunities every week!



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