Putting our Trust in Volunteers

Chag Sameach from everyone at JVN – we hope that you are still in a festive mood for Succot.

This week we are talking about Trustees. But who are these mysterious people? Every charity has a group of Trustees who are essentially responsibile for that charity’s direction and subsequent performance – they are sometimes also called Governors or Directors. A Trustee’s job ensures that the charity spends its money well, stays within its remit and has clear objectives for the future. They often have regular meetings to ensure that these objectives are being met. And, almost exclusively, Trustees are volunteers.

But Trustees do not go unnoticed or unthanked. Trustees’ Week is held every year to celebrate Trustees, to showcase the work they do and to encourage other people to take up Trusteeships. About 1,000,000 Trustee positions are available in England and Wales, but estimates show that almost half of charities have at least one vacancy on their board of Trustees. Trustees’ Week aims to fill those positions – you can find out more information about their work on their website.

JVN is also doing its part for Trustees’ Week, which this year is 5th-11th November.

On 5th November we are hosting, along with LEAD and our corporate sponsors Bircham Dyson Bell, a Forum for Trustees of small to medium-sized charities with an exciting speaker from The Jubilee Hour campaign, the largest collective volunteering initiative in the UK since World War Two.

And on 8th November we are running, also in paternship with LEAD, a Trustee Drive for recent participants in the Adam Science programme, where they spent a year developing their community knowledge and leadership skills and have since gone on to take up leadership positions across the community in many fields including synagogues, education and welfare.

Finally, on behalf of the whole JVN team I would like to extend my thanks to all our wonderful Trustees who do their job impeccably and without whom we would be lost.

In place of this week’s opportunity of the week, I will direct you to the JVN Trusteeships Page where you can find more information about what a Trustee does as well as several opportunities to take up Trusteeships in a variety of different charities. And Chag Semeach!


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Hi, I'm Mike, JVN's Youth Co-ordinator and blogger. I'll be blogging about all sorts of issues affecting the volunteering community, with a particular focus on how recent developments might affect the UK Jewish community's volunteers. I'm always interested to read the comments you make. If you have something you want to see in the JVN blog, e-mail me at mike@jvn.org.uk and I'll be happy to talk. And if you're inspired by any of my blogs to volunteer, log on to www.jvn.org.uk and register to find your perfect volunteering opportunity.


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