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Volunteering: So much more than a line on the CV

For most young people, whether applying for university, internships, or jobs, there is constant pressure to have the best CV/UCAS form possible. Most understand that with the extreme competitiveness for places it is essential that you make yourself stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately this has created a compulsory mentality towards volunteering as merely doing […]

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Volunteering In Israel – A Personal Story

Our new Social Media Consultant and former intern, Elliot Cukier, was recently afforded the lucky opportunity to go to Israel with the Genesis Challenge programme. Here he tells us all about the amazing time he and the rest of his group had, and the lessons they learnt about volunteering and giving back along the way… […]

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Faster, Higher and Stronger – Recapturing the Spirit of 2012

This week we handed our blog over to JonFreedman, a volunteer and former London 2012 Games Maker. We asked him to give us his thoughts on how we can rekindle the spirit of London 2012, one year after the Games captured the giving disposition of a nation. This is what he had to say… My […]

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